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9:20 PM

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New Microsoft Seadragon iPhone App


Recently Microsoft had officially released their first iPhone app named " Seadragon Mobile".Its a free app that lets you infinitely zoom a gigapixel-sized images and a photo displaying app with has an great photo resolution.

The Seadragon brings smooth image browsing feature.The Seadragon Mobile app is known as a center technology behind Microsoft's Photosynth photo-browsing program. The app simply designed for zooming evenly smoother that other apps in and out regardless of the bandwidth or the size of the image with just few pinches of your fingers.As well as to navigate through large photos built using the Photosynth feature of Microsoft.

Here's the trick of their app, Seadragon's technological trick is to let uers to store iamges in different or multiple image and also to gives only the bits needed to view the image at any time.

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1 Response to "New Microsoft Seadragon iPhone App"
Bhing said :
December 15, 2008 at 1:38 AM
Another innovation from Microsoft.. Cool! This sounds to be a very nice iPhone application..

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