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7:51 PM

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Upcoming LG 3D TV's in 2009


Next year ,LG will be lauching their newest 3D Televisions. The monitor of the LG 3D Tv relies on the the Computer(PC) to run its software, so it run very different from other 3D TV's.

Now, LG starts the 3D revolution . LG is just the next brand in the growing linecaving to the three-dee pressure, and according to Choon Lee, Vice President Director at the Digital TV Research Lab, LG will be launching at least one 3D TV next year.

"It will involves with a slight changes about the Blue-ray, well not replacing its discs"

As of now, Japan already had 2 hours of 3D courtesy by a satellite broadcast, and US cinemas are likely to be the common place.

It's cool, though -- gives us sample time to use those glasses within the house even no tripping over other foreign object.

“Over the next few years we will see lots more 3D,”

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1 Response to "Upcoming LG 3D TV's in 2009"
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