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6:11 PM

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Searching music made better with Songbeat


There’s a new version of Songbeat, simple and elegant desktop app for searchimg your fave music online and users really like it : ). The new updated version lets you search more and easily play the music you want as well as downloading.

In the music industry,will surely be interested pf the Songbeats' new searching capability for Seeqpod, Project Playlist, SpoolFM, iASK ,etc..... As well lets you directly upload music files to your blogs or to your website , export it to iTunes, Windows Media Player and Winamp and also burning music files to your CD's .You can use the client to listen on music and record music files directly from Last.fm. Now Songbeat tag your music files and automatically download lyrics and album arts when you download the musics from the net.

If your using free version you can find and listen as much music as you want, but can only downlaod it for 25 times. If you choose upgrade, it cost you $ 29.9 for unlimited downloads and usage.

The client currently works on Windows Xp and also now on Vista. The versions for Mac's and iPhones are currently under development, it will be ready on late next year.

You Can get the software here: >>>>>>

Happy Searching : )

If you use the Songbeat download function, Songbeat assumes no responsibility for any copyright infringements or legal issues. Please make sure that you have the right to download the music you have chosen. Songbeat is only programmed to deliver the results of your search, not to check for copyright infringements.

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2 Responses to "Searching music made better with Songbeat"
Amirah said :
December 2, 2008 at 5:34 AM
Sounds like a great app! Hope they come out with a Mac version soon.
johnlazy said :
December 2, 2008 at 9:35 PM
Nice cool simple tech blog brother. Take care!

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