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7:56 PM

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QPAD's New cool gaming headset


This QPAD headset was created with the help beyerdynamic to put up its first gaming headset. QPAD was known for its gamer minded mousepads, and now its branching. With the deep bass sound capability make users shocked and even jump from their seats.Totally good!

From the looks of it, they QPAD seems to be on the right track. Packed with greater frequency response of 5Hz to 30KHz,features around 18 dBA gathering even the external sounds absorbed , a noise-canceling microphone, and with a USB adapter with microphone muting button and a volume control feature.Creates better sound reproduction as possible even in loud sorroundings.As it is possible to hear those sounds that you never heard before, even the sounds of winds and waters as it flows. Boosting your gaming experience as you play those online games or even console games and LAN games. Those ear and headband pads are also easy to replace, somewhat very comfortable for the users. Offers maximum sound quality.
The headset was backed with 5 years of warranty.Then lets wait, the price is yet to be announced.But it seems like we'll get fair generous prices for the headset.

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1 Response to "QPAD's New cool gaming headset"
Aldhis said :
December 2, 2008 at 9:57 PM
The design is a little bit old-fashioned.

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