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8:35 PM

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Gmail Task on Android and iPhones


At the time that Gmail labs had added their task list feature on on Gmail , it then become a good and a well known feature and app.Now the feature will be available on mobile phones like Android and iPhones with the use of the browsers of those gadgets. You'll need only to browse the web using your phones to gmail.com/task. It will automatically be seen if you had already installed the Task on Gmail.

As you add or remove notes on your task list, they will be automatically change the status of your task list on your Gmail account. Also those emails can now be converted as your task. As of now you cannot share your task list on other people when you don't have a connection on internet, unless if the Google Gears Mobile Version will support the feature on Android and iPhones - then the offline capabilites will be ready.

This Gmail Task List will be a good feature for mobile phones as a good to-do-list.

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1 Response to "Gmail Task on Android and iPhones"
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