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5:24 PM

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Yahoo! Mobile and Microsoft :" My Phone "


Do you wanted to have an iPhone or a My Phone? Now the Microsoft and Yahoo! both think you like My Phone. On the website of Yahoo! on "Mobile services" in its iPhone section, detailed their campaign throught this headline - " From iPhone to " my " Phone.

Well obviously, both Microsoft Corporation and Yahoo! wanted the term " My Phone" because it rhymes with the term "iPhone" -which already gathered a lot of attention. If you are a mobile marketer, you should name your product or services from a term that will give you more attention- this will be a great strategy. The term "My
Phone" was intended to be a name of Microsofts new mobile synchronization service .

So why Yahoo! Mobile wanted " My Phone "

Yahoo! created a service -OneConnect. It is a social address book that gets together all your contacts list,all emails , IMs, SMS messages, and .As well a notices from socil media networks. More services like Yahoo onePlace a feed reader that tracks your blog posts, updates,etc... The apps comes with an appearance like iPhone like its icons.

So where are you - Yahoo! or Microsoft?

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